St Mary’s Premium Vodka

What you need to know about St Mary’s Premium Vodka

St Mary’s Premium Vodka has its heritage firmly rooted in the tides and times of the north east coast,

Using British grain spirit and natural spring water it will light up any occasion

especially if you’re drinking with friends, reliving old or creating new memories.

Perfectly served ‘On the Rocks’

Our Perfect Serves & Cocktails

Cranberry Sour

4 lime wedges
2oz St Mary’s Vodka
4oz cranberry juice
Dash lime cordial
Build over ice and add Orange wedge

Garden Fizz

Handful mint
1 ½ oz gin
½ oz elderflower
½ oz cucumber syrup
½ oz lemon juice.

Top with lemonade. Muddle mint, Build, top, cap with Mint sprig and dehydrated lemon wheel

Summer Fruits

1oz St Mary’s Vodka
½ oz Pimms
Dash triple sec
Dash lime juice
T w/ bitter lemon
Dash aromatic bitters
Add fruit to glass
Build over ice
Fill with cranberry