Glass straws




Glass straws in a various sizes depending on your preference of glass

Gin / Cocktail Straw  8mm x 150mm Ideal for cocktail glasses and Gin bowls and our St Mary’s Glasses ( contains 4)

Soda Straw  8mm x 200mm  Perfect for high balls and longer drinks ( contains 4)

Variety Pack  Containing a mix of straws including the larger milkshake straw ( Contains 8mm x 150mm X1 8mm x 200mm X2 10mm x 200mm X1)

The straws are made from strong, durable glass more commonly used in tough, industrial applications.  More resistant to temperature, chemicals and abrasion than most glass; they are not fragile, requiring no special handling and only the same care in use that one would apply to any domestic glassware.

Made to withstand the usual rigours of life both in and outside the home, they are easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Our straws have rounded, flame polished smooth ends for increased durability.