Perfect Serves

The Fizz by The Liquor Rooms

St Mary’s Gin,
Fresh Grapefruit juice,
Fresh lemon juice,
Creme de Cassis,
Sparkling hibiscus tea, Topped with soda,
Garnished with dried hibiscus flower.

Created by The Liquor Rooms

The Bramble

Crushed Ice, St Mary’s Gin, Fresh Blackberries, Blackberry Syrup (or a alt), Grapefruit Juice, Soda.

Seaside 75

St Mary’s Gin, Elderflower Cordial, Lemon Juice, Prosecco.

Bates Island Gin/Vodka Martini

St Mary’s Gin or Vodka, Dry Vermouth, Sweet Vermouth, Grapefruit Bitters, Lemon Juice.

St Mary’s Surprise

50ml St Mary’s Gin, Lemon juice, Sugar and Dash of Grapefruit and Lavender bitters.

For the foam reduce rosemary and vanilla aged honey and added to egg whites before shaking. Created By Greys Lounge